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Go Kiddy Karts Party Format

At the start of any go karting session all drivers receive a full safety briefing and equipment demonstration. After making sure each child understands the safety rules, they will start their driving experience.

"This is the best ever!"

Russell, aged 7, May 2006

The children will have a first practice turn to enable them to get used to the karts. For their next turn, the karts will be set to a higher speed depending on the age and ability of the children. We then move onto our first team challenge, which is a driving challenge. The children are put into teams of 4 (the birthday child choosing their own team) and each teams starts off with 20 points. We build an obstacle course with cones and if the children hit a cone, another kart, etc, then they lose a point. This encourages good team work as the entire team will lose a point! The team with the most points at the end are the winners and are the best drivers of the day.

We then move onto the team races where everyone is involved. We have two karts either end of the track and two teams and they race against each other as in a relay race. We get the parents involved cheering on the children, chanting aloud their names and making lots of noise. We do two sets of races as this is often the part the children enjoy the most.

At the end of the session, the birthday child does a lap of honour while the rest of the children sing 'Happy Birthday'. All children receive a printed certificate with their name on to commemorate their karting experience and the birthday child receives a special karting medal, with their name engraved on the back*. The birthday child always gets special treatment, including any extra turns. It is no problem having joint birthday parties as all birthday children will be made equally important.

If the group is aged between 3-4 years old we may vary the format slightly, for example by removing the activity where the children steer around cones.

If you opt for a 2 hour party please be aware that the children will be waiting longer for their turns. You may wish to bring an alternative activity in that instance to occupy the children off the karts, but please choose activities that can be put down quickly, such as colouring books or wordsearches.


*In the case of late bookings we may not have time to get the medal engraved.